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To bring more effective knowledge sharing and collaboration across all government entities and as part of Qatar’s eGov2020 Strategy, Tawasol Portal for eCollaboration promotes a knowledge-based workforce that enhances information sharing, collaboration and knowledge creation amongst all employees of government entities.

Government entities are required to comply with various legal provisions, including specific internal policies, rules and procedures. Such information are currently communicated via emails and on ad hoc basis, as and when they are issued, updated or revised. Staff in entities are required to comply with them and may not have access to them or who to contact for those information. Tawasol provides a central system whereby all government users can safely and securely access, share and disseminate information to all entities, and a central collaboration tool where agency users can search, connect, create instant workspaces for document & information sharing, among many other capabilities that are bound to enhance and facilitate a more efficient and simplified government collaboration framework. ​